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Site policy

Site policy 

Users of this website must confirm and agree to the following items before using. Please note that the site policy may be changed without notice.

User environment
On this website, we have confirmed the operation with the following browsers for PCs (latest version). Please note that you may not be able to use all or part of this website if you use it in an environment other than these or if you have changed the user settings.

-Microsoft Edge




The copyright of the content provided on this website (including the text, photos, illustrations, videos, sounds, and other information) belongs to Seiji Shinohara or a third party with legitimate rights. 


When using the contents of this site beyond the scope permitted by the copyright law (including duplication, editing, translation, adaptation, broadcasting, publishing, sales, lending, public transmission, transmission enablement, etc.) , Please contact us to receive the permission by Seiji Shinohara or a third party who has the right.


Unless Seiji Shinohara gives prior consent, posting the contents of this site on blogs, SNS, mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards, etc. is prohibited (excluding sharing on SNS).


If you would like to use the contents of this website, please contact us and receive the permission by Seiji Shinohara.

Link policy

In principle, it is not prohibited to link to the contents of this website. However, the links from websites that fall under or may fall under any of the following are strictly prohibited.


  • Sites that include content that slanders or damages the credibility of Seiji Shinohara

  • Sites that contain content that is offensive to laws or public order and morals, or sites of organizations that have such content as their activity purpose


Please note that the URL of the content is subject to change without notice. If a problem occurs due to the use of the link, please handle it at your own risk.

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